Python June Meetup

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Posted by Shivam Ahirao on June 27, 2017

This time the meetup was scheduled at The LeanApps Software Pvt. Ltd, Aundh. Me and my friend Bhavin we arrived at 10 am, we were little late because of rain but thanks to Google Maps we reached are destination.

There were around 20 pythonista's,it started with the introduction and this time there were around 5-7 new faces.
1st talk was given by Satyajit Bulage on "Testing python code using pytest" it's a testing framework in python. It was a quite complex topic as i didn't had any encounter with testing previously but now i know one :).
After the 1st talk we had a much needed Coffee break, there I had an conversation with some 3rd year student's and it was there 1st meetup, and seeing them reminded me of my 1st meetup couple of months back.
The students asked me couple of python related questions, and that's the best thing about meetup's you get to hang around with different techie's. I had a knowledgable conversation with a senior developer as well while sipping coffee.

After the Break there was a talk by Saurav Singh on "Conda-forge- Community driven packaging for Anaconda", it's an open-source project community led collestion of recipes. It's installation is very easy.Than there was a talk by Husain Zafar on "tranfer learning"instead of doing stuff from scratch pretrained inception models can be used to classify objects belonging to different categories, it's a Deep learning related topic and Hussain explanation was very accurate and helpful.

Last but not the least was one of the best topic's of this meetup was again by Saurav Singh "Learning and Teaching Mathematics using Cocalc"it's a web-based cloud computing and course management platform , wish if this can be used in our university. So if you want to do some computations, statistical analysis check this.

Below are the links for this meetup's libraries/technology learnt.
pytest ->
Conda-forge ->
Cocalc ->